About aheadintheherd

Austin locals bring you the newest music culture website, aheadintheherd. It started as place for founder, Amber Harris, to express her passion and love for music and has become a collaboration with other Austin locals to bring their voices to the forefront of the conversation.

When you grow up in Austin, music becomes a recurring theme, sometimes forcing you into the depths of it. This is why aheadintheherd aims to bring a local perspective to the critiques and conversations around music. Reviews will have a wide range of genres and various levels of recognition. They will be personal, aiming to either broaden the readers perspective or validate their thoughts.

aheadintheherd will also put a focus on local music by putting on several showcases a year, highlighting some of the city’s best. We will regularly showcase art and other visual mediums in conjunction with music. The goal is to recognize the enormous talent in Austin and encourage more creativity, while also bringing you a local viewpoint of the global scene.


The Team:

Amber Harris: Founder, Head Writer, Editor-in-Chief

Vero Hermosa: Events Coordinator, PR

Christie Gonzalez: Program Coordinator

Michelle Dennis: Editor

Hannah Vaugh: Editor