Local Spotlight: Anastasia - Born to Love You

Austin local, Anastasia, released her new EP, Born to Love You, on February 14th of this year. The EP includes five tracks, starting with the single “Born to Love You” featuring Austin local Lil’ Milez. It starts out strong with a catchy melody, bright layers of vocals, smooth beats, and high quality production (check out the music video). The next track “Light Work” is a harder song, utilizing deep bass and distorted synths. Anastasia’s vocals are manipulated with strange effects, giving the song a dark, spooky feel. “You Do” has a soft vibe with clean, jazzy electric guitar, propping her up as she sings.

I love the tone of her vocals in “Time,” which has a similar smooth jazz vibe. This track has a more electronic foundation, though, reminding me of Little Simz. The EP closes out with “Murder Business,” a cleverly composed song that serves to highlight her vocal abilities. In just under 20 minutes, Anastasia puts together a cohesive, smooth, vibing EP that leaves you wanting for more.

You can see her live at our launch party during SXSW on March 15th. She’s also set to have a release party for the EP on April 9th at the Mohawk. Check out more of her music at http://www.officialanya.com


by Amber Harris

Amber Harris