Growl - Live at Cheer Up Charlie's ["Won't You" release show]

As I pushed through the crowd of bobbing heads to get to the front, I saw these four vibrant young men on the inside stage of local Austin venue Cheer Up Charlie's. I couldn’t help but notice the bassist, Johnny’s, The Weeknd shirt tucked into his black pants; his hands playing so deliberately that it demanded my attention. My gaze then wandered to Santi, the lead vocalist, singing melodically with his eyes closed. I stared until I noticed the swinging blonde hair of their guitarist, Sam. His silly personality, dancing and having fun with his guitar. It was all bound together by the beat of the drums played by Kent.

Growl’s stage presence and chemistry with one another isn’t what you’d expect to see from young performers. Grinning at each other the way best friends do when they’ve told an inside joke and enjoying their instruments, I felt like I’d just walked into a jam session. You can clearly see where proficiency and love for music intersect. This is why we see live music.

Growl’s music takes you to when you felt in bright primary colors and danced without a care. Won’t You has been a long time coming since their last album Live at The Blue Dream. Released on April 7th, Won’t You is available on Growl’s bandcamp for digital download and for purchase on limited amounts recorded on vinyl.

by Veronica Hermosa

Amber Harris